GreenTeaJUG 活动 第25期 杭州

时间:2017-01-21 14:00-17:00
地点:杭州华星路互联网大厦17楼 “冶金炉”会议室,挖财(创业大厦对面)
组织:@JianhaoMo ,@hongjiang_wang

时间:2017-01-21 14:00-17:00
主题:JDK 9: Big Changes to Make Java Smaller
JDK 9 is scheduled for general availability in July 2017.  The biggest new feature for this release of Java is Project Jigsaw that brings modularity to both the core JDK libraries as well as, potentially, application code.

Modularizing the JDK core libraries is not just a simple matter of breaking up the rt.jar file into a number of sections.  The Jigsaw module system allows for encapsulation of packages that developers do not want publicly exposed. Encapsulation of JDK internal APIs will potentially break backwards compatibility for application code that uses these APIs.  This session will explain the practicalities of running applications on JDK 9.

We’ll also look at how you can migrate existing applications to the new module system in a gradual and controlled way to minimize impact on users.

讲师:Simon Ritter, Azul System 布道师,2014年曾作为Oracle布道师在中国巡回演讲,宣讲Java8。

Simon has been in the IT business since 1984 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Brunel University in the U.K. Originally working in the area of UNIX development for AT&T UNIX System Labs and then Novell, Simon moved to Sun in 1996. At this time he started working with Java technology and has spent time working both in Java development and consultancy. Having moved to Oracle as part of the Sun acquisition he now focuses on the core Java platform, Java for client applications and embedded Java. He also continues to develop demonstrations that push the boundaries of Java for applications like gestural interfaces, embedded robot controllers and in-car systems.Follow him on Twitter, @speakjava.

主题:GreenTeaJUG活动 第25期 杭州

GreenTeaJUG 活动 第24期 杭州

时间:2016-09-11 14:00-18:00
地点:西湖区古墩路99号 浙商财富中心1号楼蘑菇街 5楼牛津大学会议厅(前台有引导)
组织:@JianhaoMo  、蘑菇街七公

时间:2016-09-11 14:00-15:00
讲师:刘昱接 (吴邪@美丽联合集团)

时间:2016-09-11 15:00-18:00
主题:Cloud Native Java
讲师:Josh Long(@Josh Long

Josh Long 是 Pivotal 公司的 Spring 核心开发者和布道者,他是 Java Champion,5 本书的作者(包括即将出版的 O’Reilly 图书 “Cloud Native Java: Designing Resilient Systems with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry”),多个知名开源项目(Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud, Activiti 和 Vaadin)的 commiter。

两小时全程 live coding, Josh 带你领略如何基于 Spring Boot & Spring Cloud 开发云端微服务!
组织将大型的目标拆解成小型的、可独立部署的、关注功能点的目标,或者说微服务。为了尽可能缩短各个团队之间沟通的时间,组织慢慢压缩转变,并尽可能地自动化,开发和运维开始做 “devops“ 了,基于云的服务和平台(如 Cloud Foundry)自动化了大量运维工作,改变了管理方式。
然而,高速是伴随危险的,微服务带来了组织必须要面对的架构复杂度。在本次分享中,我们会看一下那些高效的组织如 Ticketmaster 和 Netflix 如何使用 Spring Boot 和 Spring Cloud 来解决这些复杂度。


主题:GreenTeaJUG活动 第24期 杭州

GreenTeaJUG活动 第23期 上海 JUG合办沙龙

地点:上海市定安路55号 徐汇万科中心 T1座6楼

主题:What HTTP/2 means to Java Developers?
讲师:David Delabassee from Oracle. Software evangelist, his primary focus is Java on the server-side, i.e. Java EE, GlassFish, WebLogic, etc. Prior to Oracle, David spent a decade at Sun Microsystems focusing on Java end-to-end (from the smart card to the high end server), related technologies and the developer tools. In his various roles, he has been involved in numerous Java projects since the early days of this technology. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games with his daughter and tinkering with technologies such as Java, home automation, electronics and pinballs. Twitter handle: @delabassee

主题:Apache Eagle的设计和实现
讲师:苏良飞 from Shanghai JUG。eBay资深软件工程师,在行业工作了将近8年,在数据库工具,云计算和大数据领域都有较深的介入。目前在ebay的Analytic Data Infrastructure部门工作,主要专注在大数据系统的监控系统研发,包括系统监控和数据安全监控(Apache eagle项目)。

讲师:梅伟 & 张金钟 from Nanjing JUG。梅伟,苏宁中间件研发中心技术经理,7年行业经验,目前关注苏宁中间件产品研发,参与 苏宁服务端性能监控,调用链,Pass云平台的研发,JVM,Mesos,Docker,Cloudfoundry等。张金钟,苏宁易购中间件研发部技术经理,5年行业经验,目前从事苏宁服务端监控(APM)、调用链项目相关研发工作,对JVM的工作原理有一定了解。

主题:Git 客户端在 WebIDE 中的实现
讲师:谭贺贺 from Guangdong JUG。多年系统软件开发经验, 曾就职阿里巴巴数据技术及产品部门负责OLAP开发,现就职与Coding,负责 WEB IDE 与 Codeinsight 后台开发。

讲师:陈海青 (花名:海青) from GreenTea JUG。阿里巴巴集团客户体验事业群高级技术专家。在阿里从事智能人机交互领域相关的工作和研究多年,带领团队构建了阿里巴巴智能交互机器人系统,并在几年的时间里不断通过系统以及算法的升级,使得智能人机交互系统在阿里巴巴全集团多个BU(淘宝、天猫、1688、ICBU、AE、航旅、菜鸟等)业务场景落地,探索出一条在阿里电商体系下可行的智能人机交互之路,在提供智能交互体验的同时大大降低人力成本。而本人也在对话系统构建、机器学习以及自然语言处理等技术领域积累了丰富的经验


GreenTeaJUG活动 第22期 JDK9新特性讨论



The attachment is the JDK9 new features introduction, could you help to forward it to China Java User Groups? JDK9 first introduces Jigsaw feature, it causes big changes in JDK structure and APIs, we would contact China Java User Group to collect their questions. Could you help to copy me when you send this presentation to the user groups?

This Is Not A Drill
Prepare For JDK 9

Rory O‘Donnell
Senior Quality Manager OpenJDK Quality Lead
Java Platform Group @ Oracle March 19th, 2016

Prepare for JDK 9

Categories of JDK-internal APIs
• Non-critical
– No evidence of use outside of JDK
– or used only for convenience
• Critical
– Functionality that would be difficult, if not impossible, to implement outside of the JDK

JEP 260 Proposal
• Encapsulate all non-critical internal APIs by default
• Encapsulate all critical internal APIs for which supported replacements exist in JDK 8
• Do not encapsulate critical internal APIs
– Deprecate them in JDK 9
– Plan to remove in JDK 10
– Provide a workaround via command-line flag

JEP 260 Proposal
• Propose as critical internal APIs – sun.misc.Unsafe
– sun.misc.{Signal,SignalHandler}
– sun.misc.Cleaner
– sun.reflect.Reflection::getCallerClass
– sun.reflect.ReflecWonFactory

Finding uses of JDK-internal APIs
• jdeps tool in JDK 8, improved in JDK 9 • Maven JDeps Plugin

Removed 6 deprecated methods
• Flagged for removal in JSR 337, and JEP 162
• Removed
– java.util.logging.LogManager::addPropertyChangeListener
– java.util.logging.LogManager::removePropertyChangeListener
– java.util.jar.Pack200.Packer::addPropertyChangeListener
– java.util.jar.Pack200.Packer::removePropertyChangeListener
– java.util.jar.Pack200.Unpacker::addPropertyChangeListener
– java.util.jar.Pack200.Unpacker::removePropertyChangeListener

Change the binary structure of the JRE and JDK
• Motivation
• Not an API but still a disruptive change
• Details in JEP 220
• In JDK 9 since late 2014 to give lots of time for the tools to catch up

• Endorsed standards override mechanism
• Extension mechanism

Other changes
• Application and extension class loaders are no longer instances of
• Removed: -Xbootclasspath and -Xbootclasspath/p are removed
• Removed: system property sun.boot.class.path
• JEP 261 has the full list of the issues that we know about

New version-string scheme
• Old versioning format is difficult to understand
• New format addresses these problems
• Impacts java -version and related properties

What can you do to prepare?
• Check code for usages of JDK-internal APIs with jdeps
• If you develop tools then check code for a dependency on rt.jar or tools.jar or the runtime-image layout
• Check code that might be sensitive to the version change
• Check code for uses of underscore as an identifier
• Check code for uses of unrecognized VM opWons such as -XX:MaxPermSize
• Test the JDK 9 EA builds and Project Jigsaw EA builds

Thank you!
Quality Outreach effort wiki: